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Welcome to IGCP, E.P.E.

The Agência de Gestão da Tesouraria e da Dívida Pública - IGCP, E.P.E., is the public entity responsible for the integrated management of cash, funding and the direct debt management, which includes, under the applicable law, the debt of public corporations whose financing is ensured through the state Budget. It is also responsible for coordinating the financing of autonomous administrative and financial services and funds, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 200/2012 of 27 August.

Treasury Bill auctions results on May 15th, 2019…
IGCP, E.P.E. issued EUR 500 million of the 6-month T-Bill (BT 22NOV2019) and EUR 1000 million of the new 12-month T-Bill (BT 15MAY2020).

[+] 15-05-2019

Portuguese Government Bond auction results on May 8th, 2019...
IGCP, E.P.E. issued EUR 800 million of the OT 1.95% 15Jun2029 and EUR 450 million of the OT 2.25% 18Apr2034.

[+] 08-05-2019
The interest rate Saving Certificates, series A, B, C, D and E in May 2019...
The gross interest rate for saving certificates (series E) subscribed in May 2019 was set at 0.689%.

[+] 30-04-2019
Treasury Certificates Savings Plus remuneration premium...
The TC Savings Plus remuneration premium to be paid in May 2019 will be set at 1.70%.

[+] 28-03-2019
Treasury Bill auctions results on April 17th, 2019…
IGCP, E.P.E. issued EUR 300 million of the 3-month T-Bill (BT 19JUL2019) and EUR 950 million of the 11-month T-Bill (BT 20MAR2020).

[+] 17-04-2019

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20th May 2019
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